Noor is the Founder and Chairman of Rohingya Football Club (RFC) Rohingya National Team to play CONIFA World Cup. He is also. He is the Founder and Managing Director of the Rohingya Project, a Blockchain-based organization to bring social and financial inclusion to stateless people. Noor is also founder and director for several institutions and organizations such as the world first Rohingya TV broadcast station called Rohingya Vision (RVISION) watch by millions from all over the world. Noor Founded Rohingya Language Council and digitized Rohingya Alphabets developed the first Computer Font and one of the main contributors to the Rohingya Unicode which was released in 2018 and developed Unicode Font and Keyboard for different devices. Noor is also the author of “Born to Struggle: The Child of Rohingya Refugees and His Inspiring Journey” which was published in March 2019, based on his personal life experience. 

Dildar has been playing football at age of 10 in Arakan, Burma. He played on state level in Arakan and nationwide. He is one of the most passionate player and coach among the community  and he trained many players  and team through out his life. He started different Rohingya football clubs from village to community in different countries. He believes football is one of the best sport that can help to build and uplift the community.