About us

Rohingya Football Club (RFC) is an independent football Started in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was formed by Rohingya Youth and Plyers on January 10, 2015 with a noble initiative using the magic of football to bring Rohingya youth together for the common goal of creating a harmonious and cohesive society. The Club’s passion for connecting people and for football combined into a vision to unite Rohingya community around the world and produce quality players all over Malaysia and other parts of the world. Being most persecuted people this club is a message of Hope and harmony to the rest of the world.
RFC aims to develop a program that uses people’s passion for football to build opportunities to help Rohingya youth in self-development and to transform them into professional players. The RFC program initially started with a view to providing connection to mainstream football for Rohingya youth.
RFC aims to build capacity of Rohingya community and improve youth skills in diverse areas that include refugees in Malaysia in building good relationship with the local youth and others.
Football, in particular, is an ideal tool to foster socialization. It is inexpensive, enjoys worldwide enthusiasm and is designed non-violent. It is played by both genders, thus is non-exclusive. It provides transferable skills of fair play, tolerance, inclusion and understanding of oneself, team mates and opponents alike. It teaches of responsibility, winning, losing and participation. It can address diverse and complex issues, such as children’s rights, peace building, education, health promotion and anti-discrimination.
Many people think that a football club only aims to develop talents and win all football matches played. However, a football club should be considered as an appealing place for all local communities. For those who are interested in football, they might be players, volunteers, supporters, club managers or community development workers. The football club is not only a destination for fun and solidarity but also for all pleasure, competitions and for cheers. The non-competitive plans for players at these clubs do not aim at limiting talent development, but offering opportunities for talents to be developed. Therefore, the clubs can provide an environment to welcome all unprivileged Rohingya youth and challenge to develop in all aspects of talent like communication, presentation and football skills.


Enhance and people’s Identity and Inspire youths

To create a learning environment in the clubs
To increase access to organised sport activities and education

To empower youth to securely engage in peaceful, positive, community-based, non-political activities

To provide leadership development for youth empowering them as coaches and coordinators of Football programs
To build extensive partnerships with local and foreign football teams.
To develop life skills and personal skills through a variety of sport and club activities
To create a network for mutual support
To promote the responsibilities to the community
To have more fun and friends
To train Rohingya players world-wide into international standard.
To produce/build up professional players for international teams.